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direct tv

This is the era of satellite system and by using satellite system we can easily use some technologies such as television. I try to find a television provider that serves the viewer with satellite system.
Then, I use internet to find more reference about television provider. I go to BlogTelevision.Net and I know that DIRECT TV is the one which use satellite system to share their channels to their viewers. Definitely, I want to find more information about DIRECTTV before I decide to use this provider. I found that they also use High Definition technology to support its receiver. I am wondering how about the variation of the channels? Soon, I got the answer and based on the information I get from this site, I can choose one of three DIREC TV packages. The reason why I want to find the detail information is because they serve more channels.
I can watch more than 300 different channels from DIRECTV and it covers sport, movie, news, and entertainment channels. Moreover, I also need to know the different between DIRECT TV and Cable TV. In short, I need the best reason why I have to choose DIRECT TV and I think I got all the reason and I think they know what I really need.