I think I wanna buy a new sunglasses

Lagi2, ini gk usah dibaca  yah.. tapi klo mau klik linknya malah saya maturnuwun 🙂

when I search in google with keyword sunglasses, I found this site, and I start looking for sunglasses.
I want to buy sunglasses, because I start to think, sunglasses is not only for fashion, but also for safety and face shape too.
Iam a motorcycle rider, so I need something to protect my eye from dust, UV, and wind. So, sunglasses maybe a good choice.

Before talking about sunglasses, I want talk about shopwiki first. It is a site where you can find much information you need, such as information about accessories, arts and crafts, automotive, babies and toddlers, health and beauty, weddings, sunglasses and so on. And if you want to read a lot of information about sunglasses, this site has Sunglasses Buying Guide.

This site gives you information about sunglasses, starting from the reasons why you should wear sunglasses, safety tips, and athletic styles. Besides, you may find kinds of sunglasses which are suitable for men and for woman based on their personal styles. Just in one place, and you have known everything you need. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Ahaa, this is one of the examples of sunglasses models for oval face shape


5 responses to “I think I wanna buy a new sunglasses

  1. ilmukomputerugm2004

    bleh… boso linggismu day…

  2. lha piye to?? aku ra pinter linggis je…
    Dadine yo seadanya
    Tapi saiki wes tak edit kok 😀

  3. whoaaa..
    i think you should buy that sunglasses before it is sold out 😉

  4. hahaha…nganggo rekso translator wae. aku nduwe master orine neng omah 😆

  5. ->to-yellowsweetbee:
    mahal tapi.. hehe

    njaluk boooooss…hehe

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